Saturday, December 29, 2012

Who is Alias?

Alias is the boy mentioned in the previous Article. When Alias was born his mother thought he was a monster, She saw how his left eye was monstrous and mutated. She was scared so she dropped the baby off at an orphanage. He was never given a name at the orphanage the people there never treated him as a human being.

After Alias left the orphanage he named himself Alias and was furthermore taught by his eye which eventually drove him crazy for awhile. The eye has taught Alias how to make technology that mankind has never seen. It is not until later that Alias discovers that his eye derived from an Alien god named Daikyn. The Alien god Daikyn was a brilliant inventor of his race. One day there was an accident on his research cruiser and he was never seen again. People began praising Daikyn for his research since he set their race forward thousands of years.

Alias's mother was abducted in her sleep and experimented on, DNA of Daikyn was transferred into her fetus and caused Alias to be born Half Human and Half Alien. Alias now has the capabilities of both races and can time travel with his gadgets. Through this story you will find the adventures Alias encounters shocking and amazing. You will have a new perspective on the Alien/Space genre when I am done with this story.

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