Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Short Story of Alias

Short Story of Alias…

I wake up, facing an ash black sky the world around me smelling like burned wood. What just happened? I asked myself, there was a fire… the thought immediately racing through my mind. I remember staring at the fire and that’s when I lost my consciousness. I turned my head to my left and noticed only half of the orphanage was burned down. Firemen and police swarmed the area looking for anybody caught in the rubble.

My eye, it hurts… I raise my hand and cover my left eye. I was always ridiculed for my eye it looks different then everybody else’s. I was born with a white pupil in my left eye and some call me a monster for it. I’m only a child, so imagine only being 7 years old and has been called a monster approximately a million times. A policeman notices me lying on the ground moving and immediately moves towards me. Hey! You alright son? He says as he approaches me. I lift my head to look at him and he immediately backs away. I’m used to this reaction; I know he is afraid of my eye. Suddenly my caregiver from the orphanage Ms. Donovan runs to the policeman and explains to him about my eye condition. She walks towards me and picks me up, what did you do? She asked me with a stern look. I look at her confused, what did I do? I said, I didn’t start the fire if that’s what you are asking. I look towards the policeman as he comes closer with his notepad taking notes of what I say. No, I’m not questioning how the fire was started I am asking you how you put out the fire? The other kids said, they saw you carrying the fire away? She said, questioning the meaning of this sentence. Carrying the fire? I answer with the same question. I remember looking at the fire and… I pause, the rest of the story was suddenly clear as day in my head.

It was 21:00 at night, the kids at the orphanage are sent to bed at 20:00 but I never tend to sleep til past 0:00. I was reading one of my favorite books; Stephen King’s the Dark Tower. I just got it the other day for my birthday and learned to love every chapter. About 0:50 after a little bit of over reading I smelled something sharp almost like something that you put into your car, and suddenly there was an explosion near the kitchen. The explosion caused several other kids including myself to fall of their beds. All the kids were screaming and I noticed the security guards here were lying face flat on the ground and weren’t waking up. I got off the ground and saw the entire room was blocked off besides the window at the other side of the room. I told all the kids that were around me to follow me because we are going to exit out the window. We ran towards the opposite side of the room and before we can get half way across the wall to my right exploded causing all of us to fall on the ground. I rose back up holding my head from an impact of the piece of the dry wall that hit me. One of the kids that were beside me didn’t make it and got the full impact of the explosion. The other kids behind me were shocked, dazed, and scared. I was definitely scared too; I have never seen such a horrible force of nature. Keep going! I yelled, I climbed over the dry rubble and we ran all the way to the window. I grabbed a desk chair nearby and threw it out the window. I let all the other kids out of the window before I climbed out.  I grabbed the windowsill and lifted myself up when suddenly the room I was just in ignited with flames and exploded, sending me flying off towards the yard outside. I picked myself up being in pain from the burns of the explosion and watched the orphanage blaze in flames. Suddenly, my eye sporadically burned in pain, I thought I might’ve burned my face. But, it wasn’t that kind of burn no way. I heard a voice, it screamed Fire! And suddenly all the heat from the fire grew cold and the fire itself twisted into a pattern and folded towards my burning left eye. The pain was so unbearable that I blacked out and that’s when I woke up here.

I told Ms. Donovan that I didn’t know how I did it, but I have a feeling she didn’t believe me. The orphanage was condensed into a smaller building while they did maintenance on the other side. The kids that were left were acting different towards me. They no longer treat me as that kid you can make fun of for being different. This time it was worse, they acted like I was trying to kill them. After a couple of months of being thrown stones at when I wasn’t looking and kids screaming as soon as I got within 5 feet of them. I started hearing voices, voices that were telling me to calm down and at other times were actually telling me to kill those kids. During schoolwork time I was sitting at my desk writing some answers to a math problem down. Some kid was walking down the row of desks to the left of me and was staring at me. The kid decided to purposely fall down and get up acting like I tripped him. Why did you trip me kid? I turned my head looking at him knowing my left eye was the only thing staring at him. The kid gave me a strange look and shoved me off the desk. I fell to the ground landing on my back staring at the kid. He was mad, he was yelling words I couldn’t really understand because he couldn’t talk that well. Suddenly, a voice faded in into my mind. Stab him, the voice said. Stab Him? With what? I don’t have anything to hurt him with. Follow your instincts… the voice continued. The voice ceased, the outside world was clear to hear and there was a lot commotion going around because of the other kids yelling. I stood up and I looked at the kid. The kid only gave me an angry discriminated look; He swung his arm for a punch to my face. Quickly, I reacted to instinct; I grabbed his arm and twisted it. I gave him a quick punch to the gut and suddenly claws came straight out of my knuckles, stabbing the kid tearing through from one side to the other. The kid began gasping; I watched his life drain away as my hand sat there in the pool of blood washing over my hand. I finally reacted and pulled my hand back and gave a good look at my hand. The claws were white; it seemed more of a different skin color. The kid fell to the ground dead, and all the other kids around began crying and Ms. Donovan came in wallowing in screams and tears. I knew what I did can never be taken back, So I ran. I ran out of the orphanage and straight into the woods. I stayed there for nights noticing sirens and policemen passing by scouting the area for me. My world was entirely different now, But when I sit here and think about it, it actually never changed.

-Michael Conklin

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